Samsung Galaxy J7 J700H/DS review

 Samsung Galaxy J7 J700H/DS
Try Galaxy J-of a series

With Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 at your disposal extreme functionality. Enjoy exceptional quality of images and video with the crystal-clear Super AMOLED display of 5.0 in size "/5.5", high performance of hardware and the universal cameras.
Magnificent quality of viewing

Thanks to the AMOLED Samsung Galaxy J-display of a series gives you the chance to enjoy brighter and deep quality of a multimedia, than ever earlier. Improve process of viewing of a photo, video and games thanks to a rich, realistic color rendition and an exceptional level of contrast range of deep shades of black.
High performance

Enjoy more bystry web browsing, games and viewing of HD video, and also easily accessible multitasking without time delays thanks to powerful Galaxy J-processors of a series.
The improved camera

Take brighter and accurate photos and video by means of the 13-megapixel back camera Galaxy J-of a series with the lens f/1.9. Use the built-in front-facing camera for bright pictures even in case of the low level of lighting.
Quick start

Function of quick start Galaxy J-of a series allows to get access to your camera quicker, than ever. Just press the "welcome page" button twice for rapid direct access to the camera. With this convenient function you never miss the moment for a photo.

* Time of start of the camera can slightly change.
Smart Manager

Smart Manager gives you the chance to check and control a set of important information from your Galaxy J-of a series, including about a battery status, memory size, statistics of memory and of many other. Several simple movements you can close not used applications, to improve productivity of the battery and RAM, to delete not used files and to launch check by an antivirus.
The increased battery power

Receive a maximum thanks to the Galaxy J-of a series battery with a high capacity. Enjoy various media content, including movies, music, games and web browsing longer, than ever, needlessly worries about your battery.
Ultra-energy saving mode

Thanks to Ultra-energy saving Galaxy J-of a series mode there is no need worries if you noted that your battery is discharged. Consuming of a charge is reduced by switch-off of unnecessary functions of your device and display swapping in the monochrome energy saving mode. For additional energy when it is necessary to you.

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